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is your iPhone camera blurry? Camera issues can be ascribed or hardware damage or software issues. In some cases, the problem is tied to the use of third-party accessories and screen protectors. Before you go to any service center it is advised that you try to execute all the appropriate workarounds which will rule out the software-related factors that may be causing the issue.

iPhone Camera Blurry

Sometimes the reason for the iPhone camera blurry may be an issue with the hardware or software. If the camera on your iPhone takes pictures that seem to be consistently blurry, though, then it can be intensely frustrating. One of the reasons that iPhones have remained such a staple since they were first introduced is that they continue incorporating innovative technology that people seem to love.

iPhone Camera Blurry
iPhone Camera Blurry

iPhone Camera Blurry After Update

If you suspect that you might have changed the wrong settings on your device and it causing the Camera app to take blurry pictures. You can quickly and easily reset all settings by going to your settings then General, Reset and select the “Reset All Settings” option. Then confirm your choice with your passcode.

Why Is My iPhone Camera Blurry?

The simplest reason that your iPhone camera’s pictures are blurry is that you are not taking the shots with a steady hand. It is fairly common when that happens. Keeping your hand perfectly steady as you are trying to get a shot is actually more challenging than you might think.

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How To Fix iPhone Camera Blurry?

Here’s how to fix your iPhone camera blurry:

  • Wipe off the lens with a microfiber cloth: The first quick fix you can do is to wipe your camera lens cover. Don’t use your own finger to wipe it.
  • Reboot your iPhone: A simple reboot might instantly fix your blurry iPhone camera.
  • Force exits your camera app: if you do not want to restart your phone, you can force-quit your camera app instead.
  • Update your iOS to the latest version: Try updating your iOS and see if it refreshes your native camera app as well. You can update it by: First, make sure that you’re connected to the internet, go to Settings and tap “General”, scroll down and tap software update, tap, download and install, and type your passcode if necessary.
  • Reset your iPhone to factory settings: Sometimes, messed-up settings will also affect how your native camera app works. So you will have to reset your iPhone to factory settings.

That’s it. You can check the Apple forum here.

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