How to Activate Emerald Card HR Block

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Activate emerald card HR block may seem like a challenge mostly because there isn’t much information about it on the internet but that’s what I’m here to help you with. There are a lot of things you can do with your emerald card but it all comes down to activating it first.

Without activating your emerald prepaid MasterCard, it is probably useless. In this article, I would be showing you how you can activate your emerald MasterCard as well as common FAQs to help you get started on your emerald journey.

Activate Emerald Card HR Block
Activate Emerald Card HR Block

HR Block Emerald Mastercard

The Emerald Card is a prepaid reloadable debit card for direct deposit of your tax refund that can be used year-round with easy access to your funds. The Emerald Card can be used anywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted.

You can add money to your card account at any time by receiving a direct deposit such as payroll, unemployment, or government benefits, simply by submitting a check on the MyBlock mobile app, transferring money from a linked account, or adding money from affiliated reload stores

How to get the Emerald Card

While you cannot apply or register for this card, you can get this card by using HR block to file your tax. You will have the option to apply your refund to an Emerald card when filing your taxes through H&R Block. You can have the funds deposited directly into your account, have a check drawn, or deposit the money to an Emerald MasterCard prepaid card.

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The advantage is simply the convenience of having your money on a card that you can use to spend money. However, you don’t have to visit a location to get a card. You also cannot apply for a card through the emerald card official website, but you will be able to apply if you use the company’s digital tax preparation product. After activating the card, you will be able to manage your account fully online.

How to Activate Emerald Card HR Block

To activate your Emerald Card, you must call the emerald card helpline which can be found at the bottom of this page (the footer). You will be prompted to enter the last four digits of your card number. All you have to do is follow the instructions you’re given to activate it.

In addition to activating your card, you will need to create an account to manage your card. You can do this from the emerald card login website. Once set up, you can view your transaction history, check your balance, make payments, and transfer funds between multiple Emerald accounts.

However, if you plan to manage your cards on a regular basis, you may prefer the app over going to the emerald card website at each time. You can find the MyBlock mobile app on the iTunes App Store or Google Play. The app allows you to authenticate using face and touch recognition, eliminating the need to track passwords.

Emerald Prepaid Card Reload

When you apply for an Emerald card from, you are not limited to using it for your tax refund. You can continue to top up money from sources such as payroll, government benefits, cash, and checks. This gives you the option of direct deposit.

This saves you money if you had to rely on a paid service to cash your check. It is important to note that not all top-up services are free. If you deposit money at a retail store that offers card reloading services, you may incur fees of up to five dollars. Depositing a check on your card may also incur charges.

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