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Genesis Financing is a financial institution that specializes in offering financial help to Individuals, businesses, and companies. Genesis financing could be also known as Genesis financial limited. In this article, we will be showing you a detailed explanation of what you need to know about dealing with your finances and solving financial issues through the help of Genesis Financing. So let’s get started.

GENESIS FINANCING – What exactly is Genesis Financial Limited?

Genesis Financial limited is a popular and prospectus financial institution that is located in India and focuses its interest on supporting debt financing to MSMEs and consumers in India.


The founding theme of Genesis financial limited is the target of financing India’s 50 million MSMEs and its emerging middle class with a differentiated model; which is based on a new technology that provides a large and unique opportunity.

Their many years of experience which is over 25 years have made them unique in their own ways. They had out fashioned the traditional methods of financing and brought the current strategies to solve financial problems.

The company provides financial support for various purposes such as business expansion, working capital, home loans, and personal loans. Genesis financing is really a fast-growing industry that has contributed to the development and net worth of consumers in India.

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Genesis Financing really has a lot to offer as a firm but you can’t know this because you have no knowledge about their services, why not follow on with this article to get the answers to what you are looking for?


Genesis financing works by calculating simple interest on retail accounts on a daily basis based on the current principal balance, the interest rate, and the number of days since the last payments.


Genesis credit is a major brand of Genesis financial solutions which was established in 2001 by a group of seasoned financial services experts who believe that all men deserve quality credit financing.

This company is a major provider of near-prime consumer financing solutions with over three million accounts. Genesis credit is a private firm that is located in Beaverton, Oregon, United States.

Their main aim was on consumer loans the analysis of high demand of consumers with low credit scores. As a result of this, the company decided to offer credit cards to consumers.

Types of Genesis Credit Cards

These are types of Genesis credit cards and their annual fee are stated below:

  • Destiny Mastercard: $59 -99$ with an APR of 24.9%.
  • Indigo Platinum Mastercard: $99 with an APR of 24.9%.
  • Milestone Gold Mastercard: $35 – $99.

That’s it.

Destiny Mastercard

It offers a credit limit of $300 if you’re approved with no deposit required. The card charges a $75 annual fee in the first year and a $99 annual fee after that. This card can be used to deliver on its promise to help build your credit with responsible use. Their late payments and returned payments fees are also up to $40.

Indigo Platinum Mastercard

This is an unsecured card that comes with a credit limit of $300 if you are approved and charges up to $40 for exceeding your credit limit. Also, their returned payment and late payment are up to $40. This card shares similar attributes with Destiny Mastercard but the common difference with it is that their annual fee is based on the offer you choose. Indigo Platinum’s annual fee is not suitable for people with low credit cards.

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Milestone Gold Mastercard

This is similar to Destiny Mastercard and Indigo Platinum Mastercard,  its term is based on the credit profile that will enable you to get an annual fee. Your annual fee can be up to $35, $59, or $75 in the first year and $99 thereafter.

Nonetheless, these cards share and offer free custom design options and a quick pre-qualification that does not impact your credit card. Most times people ask a certain question that is required an example is, Am I eligible for Genesis Financial Solutions credit cards?

Yes, you are qualified to receive Genesis financial solutions no matter your credit profile because this company specifically designed its service for subprime and non-prime consumers. But, if you don’t qualify, the issuer may refer you to other card options or banks. I have a certainty that this article has given you a list of choices that you will prefer to be offered.


Genesis Mastercard can be used anywhere in the world because of the accepted medium for value. Examples of these MasterCard are the Indigo Mastercard for less-than-perfect credit cards and Milestone Mastercard. Now you can use your Genesis credit card anywhere with confidence. I believe this knowledge is shared in this article, you have an idea about Genesis financing and might have a desire to work with them.

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