28 Free Learning App for Kids

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If you have kids and you want them to be smart kids, you might be in the market for a learning app for kids. If you are, I want to assure you that I would be showing you the very best in this article. There is no parent out there in the world who wouldn’t be proud of their child’s educational success.

How you get your kids to start studying matters a lot. There is no dispute that if they love the process, they will develop a natural instinct to learn. Education helps a person become their true self.

Learning App for Kids
Learning App for Kids

The application of certain learning apps for kids not only improves a child’s mindset but would also go as far as to build a natural urge for knowledge. This would drastically help anyone develop skillsets and reach their true potential.

The urge to learn is one of the basic desires I think everyone should have. There is no way you are going to be great at something without putting in the work to study. One of the core values of these learning apps is that they integrate a gamification mechanic to enhance user engagement, interaction, and excitement.

From a little research I carried out, studies show that there were over 470 million educational applications that were downloaded on the apple store during the last quarter of 2020. In addition, there were 466 million downloads of educational apps on the google play store.

Learning App for Kids

Without boring you with all the details, here is a list of some of the best learning apps for kids.

  • Lingokids.
  • ABCmouse.com.
  • Khan academy kids.
  • Wonster words.
  • Kiddopia.
  • ABC kids.
  • Coolmath games.
  • Fact monster.

Let me save you the boring details and let’s look at each of these apps.


Lingokids is currently available on both the google play store and the iOS app store. It has a rating of 4.6 on the app store and a rating of 4.5 on the google play store. Lingokids database has a wide variety of English songs, interactive exercises, audiobooks, and fun videos.

This app is tailored into learning adaption contents that go all the way from the basic color and alphabet assignments to little fewer complex sentences and full conversations. You can even set up a personalized approach for teaching based on the child’s age and level.

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ABCmouse.com is another one of the learning apps for kids that is available on both the google and apple play stores. With over ten thousand exciting learning activities, this app offers a fun and easy way to engage your kids with a broad diversity of subjects. On the app, kids can create their personal profiles and they can easily learn the subject of their choice including music, art, art, and so much more.

Khan Academy Kids

There is no learning app for kids without khan academy kids in it. Khan academy kids utilize the use of minigames and cartoon guides to give kids the best learning experience. Khan academy kids offer a huge library of minigames in reading, emotional and social development, logic, language learning, writing, math, creative expression and so much more.

In such a short time, you kids would likely fall in love when they choose an avatar of any available animal. Khan academy believes that the important task of education anyone is teaching them how to learn and to lead them there. They would eventually decide what to do when they fall in love with learning.

Wonster Words

Wonster Words is a great learning app for kids. It is a fun application to get into when it comes to practicing spelling, words, phonics and reading. The learning process is accompanied by the development of word definitions using animations and vocabulary replenishment while passing through funny puzzles. This game is available for download on both the google play store and the iOS app store.


Kiddopia is a learning app for kids targeted at preschool education. This app allows your kids to learn the basics of education in a well-gamified way. Aside from just the usual ABC learning, color identification, shapes identification, patterns, etc., kids also have the chance to discover the names and sounds of various animals. This app is available to download on both the google play store and the iOS app store. I am sure you kids would have a lot of fun with this particular application.

ABC Kids

ABC Kids is another great preschool learning application for kids. This application is perfect for kids who are still in the process of acquiring twenty-six English alphabets and letters. This game teaches children to practice recognizing shapes and letters simply by drawing them and matching them. This application can help your kids learn a whole lot before their preschool experience.

Coolmath Games

Coolmath games is a slightly more advanced learning app for kids. It is targeted at kids around the age of thirteen. This is one of the best brain training apps that is available on both the Google and iOS app stores. This app features a ton of fun challenges that would make your kids forget they’re having a brain workout. This app has no violent games and it combines both logic and thinking with fun and games.

Fact Monster

Fact monster is another exceptional application when it comes to learning app for kids. Learning on this app typically wide range of topics. They combine referential materials, home works, and fun facts for kids. If your kid is around the age of five, then give this app a try right now. Trust me, this app would make your kid more inquisitive and build a learning urge in them.

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Free Education Apps for Kids

If you are the type of person that doesn’t like paying for stuff without having a view of how the result would look like, you can try out these totally free apps before paying for any other one.

  • Kids Academy.
  • Pepi Wonder World.
  • Tiny Minies Learning Games.
  • PBS Kids Games.
  • LogicLike Brain Teaser.
  • Funbrain Jr.
  • Duolingo ABC.
  • Playtime Island from CBeebies.
  • Phonics Genius.
  • Starfall ABCs.
  • BrainPOP.
  • Mussila Music School.
  • PicoToONs Colouring Book.
  • Narrator AR.
  • Toca Life.
  • Little Chatterbox for kids.
  • ABCya Games.
  • Slice Fractions.
  • Friendly Math Monsters for Kindergarten.
  • Toddler Learning Games.
  • Teach your Monster to Read.

You can totally try out any of these apps for free.


Thank you for reading this article and hope you found the best learning app for your kid. All of the apps I listed on this webpage can be downloaded on either the google play store or the iOS app store. I hope to see you soon.

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